We all love the TV series “Mr. Robot.” The plot twists, the great story, and the realistic hacking scenes have made the show a “must-watch series.”

Today we are focussing on the S01 E04 episode, where the main character Elliot Alderson, hacks a data facility called “Steel Mountain.”

Up to this point of the series, the “fsociety” (hacker group) has already hacked the e-corp once. But there are some backup data in the facility called Steel Mountain. So the fsociety and Elliot are trying to destroy those backup tapes before the e-corp restores those data.

Elliot finds a fascinating way to destroy the backups. He noticed that if he increased the temperature of the storage room by hacking into the climate control unit, he could destroy the backups.

However, Elliot gets into the facility using several social engineering tricks. Even though their plan almost failed, Elliot managed to connect a Raspberry Pi to a thermostat.

According to the show, Raspberry Pi is a modified one. In the place of RJ45, there is an ethernet wire. Elliot connects the RPi to the wires coming to the thermostat. Now RPi can communicate with the internal network of the Climate control unit.

Now Elliot only has to go home. He already has placed a script in the RPi. That script gets executed when RPi gets turned on. Then it will start a netcat listener on RPi.

So all Elliot has to do is go home and connect to the RPi using Netcat and RPi IP address.

Now Elliot can do anything he likes from the RPi. Since RPi is already connected to the internal network of Steel Mountain, he can interact with the internal network. Ss now Elliot increases the temperature so that all backup tapes get destroyed.

And that is how Elliot hacked the steel mountain.


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